Saturday, December 26, 2009

Bernie Madoff again

The news earlier today reported that Madoff was beaten up in prison. As is the nature of news, this report was false and it turns out that Madoff simply "fell out of bed" according to ABC.

Madoff has since been moved to Duke University Medical Center. You know what this means: BERNIE MADOFF IS OUT OF PRISON! Granted, not for very long, but if anyone could ever conceive a plan to escape from prison and pull it off, it would have to be Bernie Madoff. I fully expect the headlines tomorrow or maybe the next day to read, "Madoff escapes!" In fact, if Madoff isn't in the Cayman Islands by the end of the weekend, I'll be a little disappointed.

It makes perfect sense too. Christmas is the perfect day to escape. You have almost no cops, security guards or any other state apparatus working. Everybody is busy with their families; nobody wants to hunt down some white collar criminal. He's already started one devious scheme, he seems fully capable of another.

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